When Life Gives You Lemons 🍋

Tale of the Tape

Good evening folks. Let us all take a moment to give thanks for this 3 day weekend and for this great nation we call home.

Today, we got the obligatory low volume rally into a holiday weekend, although we did give up a bit of it in the last hour.

The S&P 500 gained 0.5% and all the indices performed similarly.

It was quiet.

“Insurtech” darling Lemonade IPO’d today and it was all so sexy we had to write more about it below.

Texas issued a statewide order requiring facemasks. Better late than never.

Elon Musk did crazy things today. Mah Nishtanah? See more below.

The markets are closed tomorrow and we will hit y’all with the Stocktwits Top 25 Lists a day early so don’t miss that.

Here’s your closing prices for the major equity indices.

S&P 5003,130+0.45%
Russell 20001,431+0.32%
Dow Jones25,827+0.36%

Lemonade 🍋

Lemonade, the “disruptor” to big insurance began trading today. $LMND was initially priced at $29/share but the stock opened at $50.06 and never looked back.

$LMND ripped from $50 to $70. Check out this beauty intraday chart. 

Lemonade is a B Corporation which is a special distinction for companies that are actually doing good. 

Read more about B Corps here.

One last little rant . Finance media is tossing about the term “insurtech” like it’s so sexydisruptive. And the name Lemonade is adorkable for an insurer especially. 

But nowadays every company is a tech company. Maybe these guys get a window where their digital interface is more intuitive and their data warehouse is more dynamic -but who knows how long this may last. 

Incumbent insurers, as bureaucratized as they may be, won’t just sit around and let their lunch be eaten.

They may be dumb but they’re not stupid.

What do we see first?

$LMND $100 or $LMND $50 

Place your bets…


Elon went on an epic Twitter rant taunting the SEC as Tesla jumped another 8%. God bless the internet. 

New Bronco 👀

Ford will present its redesigned Bronco family on July 13th. 

We can’t wait.

Click here for more info.

NBA Comeback

Courts are being built. Players are getting yolked. Let’s forking go. 💪💪💪 The NBA is scheduled to resume on July 30th.

Here’s an image of 19-year old Zion Williamson. 

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🇺🇸 Have A Great Weekend! 🇺🇸

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