Solar Surged.

Tale of the Tape Good evening, y’all. It’s 10.20.2020. How bout that. The major indices squeaked out a slight gain. Still no stimulus.  Energy was the strongest sector. Consumer staples was the only sector in the red.  Bitcoin broke back above 12,000. The cryptocurrency ticked a high of 12,486 last August. Is it heading toward … Continue reading Solar Surged.


Tale of the Tape Good evening, y’all. It was one of those Mondays. Not quite like 1987, though. Stocks rolled over and we still don’t have a stimulus. We’ll see if Washington can get its act together. In case you forgot, the election is in 2 weeks.  The S&P 500 fell to prices not seen … Continue reading Mondays.

The Russell Rallied

Tale of the Tape Good evening y’all. Another day, another dollar. The Russell 2000 was the only major index to finish green following this morning's weakness. More on the small-caps below. Jobless claims increased since last week. A stimulus would probably help.  Energy was the strongest sector. You don’t see that every day. Healthcare and … Continue reading The Russell Rallied