The Weekend Rip: Get Ready.

Andddd we’re back ladies and gents. The upcoming week should be telling as 180 S&P 500 companies are scheduled to report earnings. Thursday is the day, the three musketeers (Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet) all report after the close.

See below for the big list of the big companies reporting this week.

Here’s the S&P 500 Weekly:

And here’s the Nasdaq 100 just for good measure.

S&P 5003,215-0.28%
Russell 20001,467-0.39%
Dow Jones26,469-0.76%
Weekly percent changes

Wall Street Bound Is Rocking

Wall Street Bound continues to do incredible work, providing talented black and brown youth with tools they need and the access to careers in markets and finance.

Currently, the non-profit is conducting The Introduction to Wall Street Mini Bootcamp at St. Francis College. 

Last week, two legends dropped in to share their wisdom with the students. Leon Cooperman and Mario Gabelli joined the education sessions. Great stuff and thank you fellas! Here’s a shot from the bootcamp:

If you would like to get involved, here’s how:

If you would like to make a donation to this awesome mission, GO HERE.

If you are a young black or brown person who is interested in markets and finance and you want a shot, email WSB founder Troy Prince at Don’t be shy!

If you are an experienced finance pro and would like to mentor or hire one of these exceptional young people, shoot me an email at Bring it people!

Crypto Rippedo

Don’t look now but crypto is starting to rip again. 

The easy rationale here is that we’re seeing inflation hedging as the US Dollar breaks down relative to a basket of currencies. The US Dollar Index is down 6% over the last 3 months and below this 95 support level that has served as a bottom a few times in the recent past.

The more honest rationale, though, is that we have zero freaking clue what’s driving these trading sardines. 

Etherium is outperforming Bitcoin, which is kinda cool if you want to get all geeked out about it. Maybe it’s the more robust platform or whatever.

The charts are fascinating here. Rallying back to key levels. Have a look:

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The Week Ahead 

And now a brief and well-organized look ahead at the trading week beginning Monday, July 27, 2020:

Economic Calendar:

7/28  Consumer Confidence (10:00 AM ET)
7/30  Initial Claims (8:30 AM ET)
7/30  Continuing Claims (8:30 AM ET)
7/31  Personal Income (8:30 AM ET)

Here’s the full Economic Calendar provided by Briefing

Earnings Ahead:

Here’s Earnings Whispers’ great visual.

Be sure to know when your stocks are reporting. Here’s the full earnings calendar.