Stocktwits Top 25 – Week 30 📈

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week #30, 2020. 

This week, we upgraded our data provider which gives us the ability to include stocks that have IPO’d during the current year. Sorry it took so long. We’ll use 4 asterisks, ****, to indicate a stock that IPO’d in 2020.

The ST Top 25 Russell 2000 list saw some major changes due to the new and improved data set so you know. 

We’ll continue to improve and pledge to make this the greatest stock market newsletter in the world. 


ST Top 25 S&P 500

Well folks, it’s incredible but the #1 stock in the ST Top 25 S&P 500 is a new IPO. Carrier Global made its debut in early April just as the S&P 500 was coming off its lows. Talk about timing.

AMD, freak, freshman, up 26% on the week.

4 names dropped off the list. Last week these checked-in at; #18 Citrix Systems, #20 MarketAxess Holdings, #23 Vertex Pharma, and #24 T-Mobile.

Given that the Stocktwits Momentum Meter is an equally-weighted metric AMD helped the bunch with its incredible gain.

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter closed the week up 1.57%. This bested the S&P 500 performance of -0.28%. The differential indicates that the top stocks in the S&P 500 outperformed the full Index. 

14 of the Top 25 closed higher.

The Big Cap Nasdaq 100

It was a rough one for the Nasdaq 100 last week. 

But this was a first. $AMD went from unranked to the Top 15 on multiple Top 25 lists. Are these dawgs for real??

Seattle Genetics and Citrix Systems both fell over 7%. Stocks can’t go up all the time. 

Zoom and Tesla continue to battle it out for #1 and what a battle it is. Check it:

And here’s the Stocktwits Top 25 Nasdaq 100:

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter dropped 0.45% while the Nasdaq 100 closed the week down 1.52%. The 1.07% differential suggests that the top stocks outperformed the full index. 

If you take $AMD out, the Top 25 N100 would have fallen by a full 1% more.

Only 8 of the Top 25 N100 stocks closed green.

Small-Cap Russell 2000

The Stocktwits Top 25 Russell 2000 was most affected by our data upgrade and so you’re going to see a bunch of new faces.

It’s awesome too because now we have crazy good competition for the #1 spot where previously it was a blow out with Novavax at the top.

$NVAX is now #2 up 3265% YTD while the #1 spot goes to Vaxart, which is up 3406% YTD. These two stocks are ridiculous and could be great competition through the end of 2020.

There were a lot of crazy moves and a lot of new members so have a look.

Here’s the ST Top 25 List for the Russell 2000 for Week #30:

The Russell 2000 Index dropped a measly 0.39% last week while the ST Top 25 Russell 2000 Momentum Meter fell 0.77%.

Both of these losses are pretty insignificant, we’ll have to see what next week has in store.   

12 of the ST Top 25 R2K closed higher on the week.


The ST Top 25 Top Dawg of the Week for Week #30, 2020 is Advanced Micro Devices

The semiconductor giant gained 26% and entered both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 lists at #12. Freshman sensation and true diaper dandy!

$AMD rallied as its competitor, Intel, announced product delays due to COVID.

And get this… 

$AMD used to be one of the most hated stocks on Wall Street. Here’s a foolish article from 2017 asking if it’s time to sell the stock. It’s only up 413% since… Nobody’s got a crystal ball. 🔮

This according to an analyst at Goldman Sachs,

AMD’s stock price has already accounted for the strong growth that will come from its new CPUs and GPUs. Moreover, AMD doesn’t operate in niche markets, but in markets dominated by the cash-rich Intel (INTC) and NVIDIA (NVDA). This kind of environment limits AMD’s opportunity to acquire a larger market share, as its two rivals won’t sit quietly and let it take business away from them.

Lol even the “Pros” get it wrong.

$AMD is scheduled to report earnings next Tuesday after market close so gloves up if you’re involved.

Here’s the daily chart. 

The Winners 📈

△  #10 S&P 500 – Newmont Corporation struck gold. kinda. $NEM closed up 6% and jumped 5 spots to #10 on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 list. Did you know Newmont is the world’s largest gold producer?

$NEM is less than 2% off its 52-week high and the company is set to report earnings next Thursday. 

△ #3 SP500 – West Pharmaceutical Services Inc jumped 6.37% this week and closed at an all time high. $WST has now closed green 6 weeks in a row.

The company reported better than expected earnings Thursday morning and raised guidance. Here’s how the  numbers came in:

EPS: $1.25 vs $0.91 est.
REV: $527.2M +12.2 YoY.

And here’s the YTD chart.

△ #16 R2K – BioXcel Therapeutics Inc soared 14.66% this week after showing positive results for its BXCL501 drug. The Phase 3 results indicated that the drug lessens agitation for patients suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

$BTAI is also investigating the drug in patients suffering from opioid withdrawal, dementia, and hyperactive delirium.

Best of luck y’all.

The Sinners 📉

#8 R2K –  Inovio Pharmaceuticals took a dump this week. The pharmaceutical company dropped 18.76% and gave up 90% of its prior two week’s gains. 

The stock was quiet most of the week before falling 10.86% on Friday.

However, the company did cash a $71M check from the U.S. Defense Dept on Friday. The money will support the company’s “CELLECTRA 3PSP” hand-held intradermal DNA delivery device. (Say that 3x fast 😉

And $INO announced positive interim Phase 1 data for its COVID vaccine. So there’s that.

Here’s the money quote from INOVIO’s President and Ceo, Dr. J. Joseph Kim, 

“The current DoD contract further supports INOVIO’s large-scale production of devices and arrays to deliver potentially hundreds of millions of doses of INO-4800 next year to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

$INO is still up 564% YTD despite the down week. 

#2 N100 – Tesla Inc reported earnings this week if somehow you didn’t hear. The stock dropped a quick 5.59% but that’s nothing for this volatile freak.

$TSLA beat earnings estimates and reported its 4th consecutive profitable quarter, making the company eligible to join the S&P 500. 90,650 vehicles were delivered in Q2 vs estimates of 72,000 vehicles. 

So why did the stock fall if the numbers were so good?
Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️ Folks could be taking profit or maybe the shorts are doubling down. We’ll never know.

But here’s the asinine daily chart. 🚀

▼ #25 N100 – Citrix Systems Inc had an eventful week. The stock was up 11.5% at one point before closing down 8.5%. $CTXS dropped to the last spot on the Stocktwits Top 25 N100 List.

*Sad Trombone*

$CTXS reported Q2 earnings Thursday morning. The company reported Earnings Per Share of $1.53 beating estimates by $0.30. However, the company provided weak guidance.

Here’s William Blair Analyst, Jason Ader:

We expect that a combination of both an uncertain macroeconomic condition and the discontinuation of new perpetual licenses for Citrix Workspace beginning on Oct. 1 will serve as headwinds to revenue in the second half of the year.

And here’s the daily chart.

See Y’all Next Week.

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