$QQQ Record Monthly Close 🏋🏼‍♀️

Tale of the Tape

Good evening folks and welcome to the weekend! This was, perhaps, the longest four day week in history.

Pour yourself a cold beverage and, heck, make it a double.

The world seems to be in total chaos but the market doesn’t care. Need more proof? The President said the US is ‘eliminating special treatment for Hong Kong’ and stocks rallied.

Lululemon closed above 300 today for the first time ever. What a warrior.

Zoom rose 10% and zoomed to an all time high. 🏎

Regeneron ripped 5.5% and closed at an all time high.
This one’s juicin’ 😉🚀💊

The Nasdaq 100 ETF, $QQQ closed May at an all time monthly closing high. That is a miraculous recovery. The Qs are only 1.5% off all time highs. Here’s the monster monthly candlestick chart…

We’ll be sharing more monthly charts in Sunday’s Rip so be sure to check in. If you’ve not yet subscribed, do it here.

Here’s the closing prices on the major equity indices:

S&P 5003,044+0.48%
Russell 20001,396-0.47%
Dow Jones25,383-0.07%

The Hong Kong Waltz

President Trump held a presser this afternoon and it felt like a nothingburger. 

There were no threats to a trade deal or war drum pounding. 🙏

The market loved it and rallied which is great. The downside is that Xi is free to waltz into downtown Hong Kong – though other nations are taking notice

🚩 Twitter 🚩 

Last night, Twitter flagged one of the President’s tweets saying it violated the rules. Surprising no one, the internet blew up and maybe it’s just us but this Trump/Twitter feud feels like Gossip Girl drama. XOXO 💋

As long as Jack remains at the helm, it’s hard to see a world where he puts Wall Street’s money hungry interests ahead of what he feels is the right thing to do. 

At the same, who else is going to take at least some responsibility for truth in the social mediasphere? 

We have no idea, but the company is smack in the middle of the turmoil dividing this great nation.

Long term $TWTR investors can’t be happy. $TWTR is down 25% from its 2013 IPO while $FB is up over 800% in the same period. 

Take a look at this great chart, shared by Rahagar on Stocktwits, which compares the performance of $TWTR, $FB, and $SPY since the $TWTR IPO. 

And check this wild chart featuring Stocktwits Social Sentiment for Twitter compared to the stock price. $TWTR sentiment on our platform has tanked HARD over the last few sessions, much more than the price slide.

And here’s one with message volume and sentiment.

Can’t Sleep on Peet’s ☕️

In the world’s second largest IPO of 2020, Peet’s Coffee raised $2.5B after making its debut in Europe today. 

The stock ramped 14% on the day. 

Just seeing investors appetite for an IPO of this size during COVID is remarkable. 

For more on Peet’s, click here.

Sony PS5 👀

Sony will unveil its next generation console on June 4th at 1PM PT. Sony is dubbing the event, “The Future of Gaming.” This should be sick and who doesn’t love new innovation.

Read the press release here.

As an aside, remember a couple weeks back, we told you about Amazon’s free cloud based big budget video game offering called Crucible. Welp, the first round of reviews are in and it is looking meh so far.

Peloton All-Star Ride 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️

Tomorrow at 12ET, ESPN and Peloton will team up for a virtual celebrity bike ride. This should be great fun and we absolutely love how Peloton is getting creative with its offerings, especially in a world without traditional sports. 

Should be a hoot.

Here’s ESPN with more info.

How Bad Do You Want Live Sports?

While we’re at it and Jonesin’ for sports, here’s another one for you early risers…

Tomorrow morning at 5:30AM ET, Fox Sports One will broadcast live freaking professional sports! 

We’re not talking about a gentlemen’s round of golf with celebrity quarterbacks. 

Sure, it’s Australian Rugby, but that’s actually kinda badass. People will get their heads smashed in and they even have touchdowns. We think, anyway.

Here’s the detes:

What: Pro Rugby (Check out this highlight reel)

Where: Fox Sports One

When: Saturday May 30 @ 5:30 AM ET

Who: Melbourne Storm vs. Canberra Raiders

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