Ethereum Delirium 💫

Tale of the Tape

Good evening, y’all! Monday. Monday!! 

The market of stocks was mellow to start the week. 😴

The Nasdaq Composite was the only major index to close lower. The Dow dashed 0.7%.

Energy surged 2.75%. Basic materials, healthcare, and industrials all inched up 1%. Real estate, communications, and consumer discretionary came in 0.5%. 

Crypto is loko. 🤑 Ethereum flew 11% and cleared 3,333. Bitcoin bounced, but gave it back— $BTC.X is up ~0.65% on the day. Will Ethereum continue to outperform Bitcoin?? Hear more on tonight’s episode of After Hours. 🌌

Twitter may have killed Clubhouse. RIP 💀 Read more below. 

Home Depot dashed 2% and closed at an all-time high. Tractor Supply tacked on another 2.25%. $TSCO also broke out to blue sky. ☀️ ☁️

Dominos Pizza popped 2.66%. 🍕 The food delivery firm has ripped 8% since last week’s earnings.   

Here are the closing prints: 

S&P 5004,192+0.27%
Russell 20002,277+0.49%
Dow Jones34,113+0.70%

Space For Sale

Can someone check in on Clubhouse?? 💀

Today, Twitter announced that every account with >600 followers can host a ‘Space’— but the company didn’t stop there… 

Jack’s app will add features like ticketed spaces, co-hosting, scheduling, more block labels + warnings, and improved captions. Twitter tweeted: 

We’re working on a way for hosts to be rewarded for the experiences they create and for listeners to have exclusive access to the convos they care about most. Soon, we’ll test ticketed Spaces with a small group where hosts can set ticket prices and quantity.

Ever since Clubhouse became a thing, audio-only has been the talk of the town. Is this trend your friend?? 🎙️ Time will tell… 

Here’s Twitter with more. 

Early Internet Hot Potato

Verizon can finally pass its hot potato to someone else. 🥔 🔥

Less than five days after publicly seeking a buyer for its AOL/Yahoo duo, Verizon has found a taker— the private equity firm Apollo Global. $VZ will receive $4.25B in cash, retaining 10% ownership along with $750M of preferred interests. 

This isn’t Verizon’s first exit from the media space, either. Over the last two years the communications company also sold Tumblr and Huffpost. Who knew media was so hard??

A Prime Opportunity

It’s a good time to be a football fan (as long as you have Amazon Prime). 

Today, the tech giant announced its-first-of-a-kind NFL contract to exclusively stream Thursday Night Football, starting in 2022. The contract originally specified a 2023 start, but the extra year gives Amazon an additional $1B— for a grand total of $11B.

Marie Donoghue, VP of Global Sports Video at Amazon, released a statement:

We look forward to bringing Thursday Night Football exclusively to Prime members in 2022, a year earlier than previously announced. This expedited deal is an immediate differentiator for us as a service, as it gives Prime members exclusive access to the most popular sport in the United States.

Free two-day shipping and football?! That’s the American dream! 🏈 🇺🇸

Ok, Robinhood

Q1 2021 will forever be remembered as the advent of the retail investor. 🏹 Millions of users joined trading platforms to participate in the Memstock madness of $GME, $AMC, and others.

As ground zero for the short squeeze, Robinhood racked stacks and experienced unprecedented growth. According to its SEC filing, the platform made $331M in Q1 revenue. Compare that to $221M in Q4 2020—it’s a 47% growth rate over 3 months. 🤯

59% of that $331M came from options trading while the remaining 41% stemmed from securities trading. This, of course, comes after Warren Buffett’s weekend commentary about the platform:

…[Robinhood has] become a very significant part of the casino aspect, the casino group, that has joined into the stock market in the last year or year-and-a-half.

So— do you play the Casino? 🎲

Earnings This Week

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