Crypto Climbs On 🤘

Tale of the Tape

Good evening, y’all. What a day on Wall Street!! A plethora of stocks popped, and the cryptos climbed to new all-time highs! 🧗‍♂️

The Nasdaq Composite Index ran 1% as the S&P 500 sailed to another all-time high. The Russell 2000 and Dow barely budged.

Utilities, consumer discretionary, and tech all dashed ~1%. Financials flopped 0.9% as we await earnings from JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs early tomorrow morning. 

The Nasdaq-100 ETF $QQQ cruised 1.17% to an all-time high. The Qs closed above February’s highest tick. Here’s the daily chart:

Bitcoin broke above $63K for the first time ever. Ethereum surged 7.5%. ⚡ See the crazy crypto charts below.

The NYSE FANG+ Index advanced 1.76% to close in positive territory for the 12th straight session. 

Cloudflare flew 11.3%, PLBY Group galloped 23%, and Robolox rallied 9.4%. 💪 

Tesla turned up 8.6%, closing above its 50-day moving average for the first time since February 19th. 

Coinbase is expected to make its trading debut sometime tomorrow! Hear a quick preview on tonight’s episode of After Hours. 🌌

And here are the closing prints: 

S&P 5004,141+0.33%
Russell 20002,228-0.22%
Dow Jones33,677-0.20%

Crypto Climbs On 🤘

The big cryptos weren’t the only ones making moves today. Check out these candlestick charts:

Bitcoin broke above 63K for the first time ever today. 

Ethereum flew 7% as it briefly ticked above $2,300. 

Dogecoin spent the day Trending #1 on Stocktwits. The crypto cruised 27%. 🐕

Even Ripple ripped more than 20% despite its 220% rally since April 1— although the crypto is still down ~50% from its 2018 all-time high. 💀

Here’s the weekly chart:

Robots That Deliver 🐓 🤖

Chick-fil-A announced its partnership with the robotics company Kiwibot— robots now deliver chicken sandwiches and nugs. 🐓 🤖

3 Chick-fil-A locations in Santa Monica offer customers food delivery via Kiwibot’s semi-autonomous, 4-wheeled rovers

The fast food company also shared its collaboration with Shopify, as well as a new partnership with Segway to fine-tune delivery technologies. 

Kiwibot’s CEO commented on Chick-fil-A’s delivery efforts: 

It’s too early to say where that’s going to end up, but we’re hopeful that we are going to be deploying them [robots] to a number of locations later this year or into next year… What we promise is to at least halve the time it takes for all orders a mile or closer, and more than half the cost. 

Domino’s and Chipotle also both shared their recent interests in the self-driving delivery company Nuro. Even Reef Technology uses Cartken robots to deliver from its Miami kitchens. 

But we wanna know— is it proper to tip your robot? 🤔 

Novocure with a Cure? 

Today, Novacure lived up to its name. 🌟 The company shared an update regarding its phase 4 trial treating lung cancer tumors.

Novacure’s groundbreaking press release said the company will conduct its study with 276 patients rather than the previously-required 536. This is great news— Novacure can move forward faster and more easily with its life-changing research. 🎉 

William Doyle, Novocure’s Executive Chairman, said:

We are very pleased with the DMC recommendations, which we believe support the potential for TTFields to make a significant difference in treatment outcomes for patients with non-small cell lung cancer, whether used together with immune checkpoint inhibitors or docetaxel.

We have our fingers crossed that Novocure’s study goes well! 🤞

$NVCR gapped up and gained 50% to close at an all-time high. 

That First-Time Feeling

If you’ve been in the market long enough, you have probably made some memorable trades. For most companies, their memorable market moment is the first post-IPO trade.

Today, the NYSE decided to capitalize on that first-time feeling by offering ‘First Trade Slip’ NFTs. These “moments in time” memorialize companies’ first trades by giving superfans something to keep in their crypto wallets. 

NYSE’s first ‘First Trade Slip’ NFTs will come from 6 companies— Spotify, Snowflake, Unity, Doordash, Roblox, and Coupang. 

You might still be asking “Why?” Here’s what the NYSE’s Twitter account had to say:

Innovation is what we do at the NYSE. We were the first with Direct Listings and at the forefront of the emergence of SPACs. 

Now we want to help drive this new wave of NFT innovation.

As long as they don’t start NFT-ing margin calls, this could get interesting. 😅

Private Planes or Flying Cars?

What’s an EVA? It’s an ‘Electric Vertical Aircraft,’ or a cross between a helicopter and airplane. If we’re being honest, though, EVAs sound like flying cars. 🚗 ✈️

Beta Technologies just shared its plan to provide 20 EVAs to Blade Urban Air Mobility in an attempt to transform citywide transportation in places like New York City and LA. Beta’s founder, Kyle Clark, shared: 

We’re really excited to partner with [Blade] because they have the most operational real experience and can talk credibly about the opportunities and the benefits of flying aircraft in and out of cities.

Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal even said “What streaming was to Netflix, EVAs are to Blade.” That’s a bold statement. Will EVAs (also known as ‘eVTOLs’) take over urban transportation? 

We have to admit, having your Uber land in front of your house sounds pretty sick. 😁

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