And Just Like That… Is The Bull Market Back?? 🤠

Tale of the Tape

Good evening, y’all! We hope everyone had a wonderful week!

The market of stocks marched higher, and it was no joke.. 😉 

Every major index closed in positive territory— the S&P 500 settled above 4K for the first time ever.  See the weekly candles below. 🕯

The Nasdaq rallied 1.76% and led the major indices. $IXIC gapped up and closed at its highest price since March 17.

Energy and technology were the strongest sectors — $XLE accelerated 2.55%, $XLK carried up 2.01%. Real Estate rallied 1.6% as $XLRE closed at its highest price since the Covid crash. 

Here’s the daily chart:

Utilities, healthcare, and consumer staples all closed lower. Maybe the ‘safe’ sectors are out of sync?? Hear more on tonight’s episode of Stocktwits After Hours. 🌌

The cryptos continue to creep. Bitcoin maintained its previous day’s range while Ethereum inched up ~3%. Ethereum’s a stone’s throw away from 2K. Will crypto go crazy since US markets are closed for the long weekend?? 🤪 Time will tell… 

The S&P 500 Volatility Index $VIX dipped to its lowest level since before Covid. 

$PLBY propelled 19% and plopped to a new all-time high. 🐰

The FAANG Gang all gained. 💚 Apple was the weakest link, advancing just 0.7%. Netflix and Google both galloped more than 3%. $GOOGL closed at a new all-time high. 

Baseball is back— so there’s that. ⚾

Here are the closing prints: 

S&P 5004,019+1.18%
Russell 20002,253+1.50%
Dow Jones33,153+0.52%

Nothing But Blue Skies ✈️ 🕯

The S&P 500 flew through 4,000 for the first time ever today. How many days until the S&P sails through 5K?? ⛵ Place your bets… 

Here’s the weekly chart:

The semis showed out this week. Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETF $SMH surged 4.68%, closing just shy of an all-time high. 

Google galloped and gained 5.19%. $GOOGL closed at a new all-time high. 👀 Will $GOOGL lead the FAANG Gang to new heights?? Time will tell… 

Bitcoin bopped ~5.7% as the crypto hovers just off all-time highs. 

Ethereum continues to inch its way to 2K. $ETH.X accelerated ~17% this week. Will it clear its all-time high of 2,041 during our 3-day break?? We shall see… 

Don’t be Fooled… 🎭

Have you ever wondered where, when, and why April Fools started? Historians still aren’t exactly sure, but they think the day of pranking began in France around 1582 when the country switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. 📆

For everyone in France who didn’t catch on to the new date changes (for example, the new year changed from April 1 to January 1), they were dubbed ‘April Fools.’ 

Over time, ‘April Fools’ became the butt of jokes, and April 1 is now a commemorative holiday for pranking and messing with people.

Oh, and we promise this little history lesson isn’t a joke… April Fools really did (most likely) start in France. 😅 🎭

One Buff Unicorn 🦄

Death. Taxes. Working out. For those who like to stay fit, working out isn’t an option… it’s a necessity. 🏋️ When the country went into lockdown last year, gym rats around the nation turned to their computers for home workout equipment ordered in quantities never seen before. 

Over the last year, fitness equipment industry leaders have earned massive valuations. $PTON has a $33B market cap, and Mirror was purchased by Lululemon last year for $500M.

Not only that, today Tonal announced its $250M round at a $1.6B valuation, and nobody blinked an eye. The “entire gym on your wall” has some pretty serious investors, too—Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Maria Sharapova, Mike Tyson, and Sue Bird have all gotten involved.

Aly Orady, Tonal’s Founder and CEO, said: 

We’re really getting ready to scale the business: we’re pouring a lot more capital into marketing and brand awareness, and we’re pouring a lot more capital into scaling our supply chain to get ready for the next phase, which I really think is the next two holiday seasons.

Will the home workout craze continue as gyms slowly reopen? Who knows. 🤷‍♂️

Choo, Choo 🚂

America’s transportation industry is about to get crazy. We hope you’re ready.

Amtrak announced its “Amtrak Connects US” vision, a plan to connect millions of Americans by 2035 through an expanded train route. 👀

The new program will add more than 160 cities to the existing train line, include 30+ new routes, and hundreds of jobs. Excited yet? 🥳

The company also claims its new plan is eco-friendly. According to Amtrack, better rail service means “cleaner air, less traffic, and happier people.”

If you’re a fan of trains, traveling, or less pollution, you’re probably pretty hyped. We know we are. 😁

Miley x Cash App 💰

Miley Cyrus just announced her collab with… Cash App??

Miley’s giving away $1 million in stocks to fans via Cash App, becoming the first individual ever to pull off an instantaneous sale of shares at this scale. 

How do you enter for a chance to win some of Miley’s publicly traded goodies? Until April 13, comment your $Cashtag (Cash App username) and favorite company on her giveaway tweet

After spending the last week celebrating her 15-year anniversary of Hannah Montana, the celeb said: 

Nothing is more important than investing in yourself. I want to spread ownership to as many people as I can, so I’m teaming up with @CashApp to give out $1 MILLION in stocks.

Cheers to that, Miley!! 🥂

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