$SNAP Snapped Back 👻

Tale of the Tape

Happy Friday, folks!! We closed the week on a high note! 🥳 

The S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 all carried on strong, but the Dow still struggled to close at an all-time high. 

Small-caps continue to see incredible strength — since its March low, the Russell 2000 ETF $IWM is up 121%. 💪

Crypto cruised higher. Bitcoin bounced 2% while Ethereum topped 1,750 for the first time ever. Can Bitcoin become a store of value? Time will tell… ⏳

Snap snapped back. The stock gapped down 5% after last night’s earnings, but buyers caught the dip as it reversed and rallied to an all-time high. See more below. 👻

$CCIV climbed to another all-time high. Lucid Motors, which is rumored to merge with the SPAC ($CCIV) could neither confirm nor deny any deals. Will the two make a match? 👀 Place your bets… 

$APPS accelerated 14%, making its weekly gain more than 50%. The company reported record earnings earlier this week. 

Here are the closing prints: 

S&P 5003,886+0.39%
Russell 20002,233+1.40%
Dow Jones31,148+0.30%

Weekly Charts

As we close another week on Wall Street, let’s zoom out and review a few weekly charts. 

The small-caps soared. The Russell 2000 rallied 7.7% and had its best week since last June. 

Bitcoin bounced 14% and is within 10% of all-time highs. Can the crypto crack 50K? Place your bets… 

Ethereum is encroaching on 2,000 for the first time ever. $ETH.X bopped 30%. 

Emerging markets managed to close at an all-time weekly high. $EEM marched 5.5%. 

Crude cruised 9% and settled at its highest price since January 2020. 🛢️📈

Energy surged on the strength of crude. $XLE gained 8.24% this week. ⚡

Biotech broke out to blue skies. $XBI surged 9.09%.

iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF $TLT tumbled to a 1-year low. $TLT dropped 2.6%.

$SNAP Snapped Back 👻

Social stocks stayed strong following yesterday’s earnings. 

$PINS popped 5.3% while $SNAP snapped back from an early morning gap down. Check out the intraday chart:

The Global X Social Media ETF $SOCL surged to another all-time high. The ETF was up 10.5% on the week. Even Twitter closed at its highest price since February 2014. 🙌

Can social stocks continue to stay hot? Place your bets… 

A $60M Password

After arresting a man for fraud, German prosecutors got their hands on $60M…kind of. 

The man convicted of fraud was found in possession of a bitcoin wallet with more than 1700 bitcoin, but he won’t give up the password… and the police can’t crack it. 🔒 😂

The fraudster installed software onto unsuspecting people’s computers, allowing him to illegally mine bitcoin with their processors.

Here’s Reuters with more.  

The Best Part of the NFL Season

Superbowl ads are finally back! Although the watercooler talks on Monday will happen via the web instead. 🤷

This year CBS decided to charge $5.5 million (coincidentally it’s Superbowl 55) for a thirty second ad, so we certainly hope the companies are using their spots wisely lol.

Among the big spenders this year are Cheetos, Frito-Lay, Tostitos, Amazon, GM, TurboTax, Squarespace, Uber Eats, M&Ms and more. 

Make sure you remember to save your bathroom breaks for the game this weekend.

Check out the ones that have been pre-released here.

Super Bowl LV

It’s finally here! After a crazy season in unusual circumstances, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs are finally squaring off in the big game. 🏈 🏆

Vegas has the Chiefs favored by 3.5 points, and the over/under is set at 56.5. You can watch the game on CBS, where Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will be announcing. 

Because of fan restrictions, there can be more cameras on the field than normal. With over 120 different angles, there’s always going to be a good shot of the game! 

Who will emerge victorious? 🤔 Place your bets…

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