The FAANG Gang Had a Day

Tale of the Tape

Good evening, folks. We’re near the end of 2020 and we’ve got another short week on Wall Street. The markets will be closed on Friday. Happy freakin’ New Year!! 🥳

President Trump signed the second stimulus deal over the weekend and the stock market celebrated. The S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at new all-time highs. The Russell 2000 paused its recent rally.

Communications, consumer discretionary, and technology all gained over 1%. Energy and basic materials both closed negative. 

Bitcoin is up 13% and Ethereum is up 19% since December 24. Will crypto go crazy? Time will tell.. 

The FAANG Gang flew in full force. Apple closed at a new all-time high while each member gained at least 1%.

$FB △ 3.6%
$AAPL △ 3.6% 
$AMZN △ 3.5%
$NFLX △ 1%
$GOOG △ 2.1%

Disney dashed 3% and closed at a new all-time high.

The lockdown stocks struggled. Zoom zoomed lower, Chewy got chopped, and The Trade Desk tumbled.

$ZM ▼ 6.3% | $CHWY ▼ 11% | $TTD ▼ 10.5%

AeroCentry Corp accelerated over 300% on no news… even the CFO was shocked. lol

In case you missed it, Howard Lindzon caught up with the Stocktwits crew for a 2020 Year in Review. Where will the tide turn in 2021? Time will tell…

Here are the closing prints: 

S&P 5003,735+0.87%
Russell 20001,996-0.38%
Dow Jones30,403+0.68%

Please Rectify

The novel of Jack Ma’s life is starting to look a lot like a series of unfortunate events. 😬 Where’s Lemony Snicket when you need him?

Not even a full week after the Chinese government filed antitrust suits against Ant Group and Alibaba and it officially told Ant Group to rectify the company.

Ant Group will be forced to “return to its origins” as a payment services provider and cease operations related to credit, insurance, and wealth managment, its fastest growing divisions.

$BABA posted an inside day after the stock sucked -13% in Thursday’s short session. Where will $BABA break next? Place your bets… 

cxLoyalty ➡️ JPMorgan Chase 

JPMorgan Chase & Co announced today that it will purchase the global loyalty division of cxLoyalty Group Holdings Inc

$JPM gets access to cxLoyalty’s leading technology platforms, travel agency, gift cards, merchandise, and points bank businesses. cxLoyalty will operate as a unit within JPMC.

Marianne Lake, head of JPMorgan’s consumer lending business, said:

People across the globe want to vacation and travel again, and hopefully that will become a reality for many in the near future. Acquiring the travel and rewards businesses of cxLoyalty will provide enhanced experiences to our millions of Chase customers once they are ready, comfortable and confident to travel.

New York Eviction Moratorium   

Today, the NY legislature passed another eviction ban allowing tenants to stay in their homes until May 1.  

NY Gov. Cuomo’s last eviction ban will expire December 31, leaving NY tenants vulnerable as the pandemic continues into 2021. 

The new bill allows tenants to stay in their homes provided they submit documents showing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. The bill also prevents fraud, mortgage foreclosure, or falling credit ratings for tenants, homeowners, and landlords. 

Here’s the New York Times with more. Stay safe, y’all. 😷

Airplanes Go Green 

For the first time ever, the EPA will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes. ♻️✈️👏

The EPA is still finalizing its official guidelines for US planes, but Airbus SE and Boeing are on board with the rules. Boeing said: 

[Regulation] is vital for protecting the environment and supporting the sustainable growth of commercial aviation and the United States economy.

Regulations will target planes accounting for 10% of all US transportation emissions and 3% of the US’s total greenhouse gas emissions. 

The US is going green.💚 

Bitcoin… Bro. 

Was Bitcoin the talk of the town during your holiday hiatus??? No..? Maybe it should be. 😉

The cryptocurrency is up a cool 450% since mid-March.

On Sunday, $BTC.X bopped through 28K for the first time ever. Is 100K next? Place your bets… 

Here’s the daily chart:

“You got any Jupe pods?”

There needs to be a new word for classy camping. After today’s release of the Jupe travel pod, “glamping” just isn’t good enough anymore.

Jupe, who boasts Tesla, SpaceX, and AirBnB design alumni, released the pod as a “gateway to the outside world.”

Jupe’s features include birch flooring, aluminum light-up pole frames, a double bed, desk, chair, ottoman, and even an optional Amazon Alexa. The best part? Your wallet won’t even notice — it starts at only $17,500. Thank god for reasonable prices! 

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