Stocktwits Top 25 – Week 44 🎃

Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week 44 2020. 

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the top 25 performing stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 year to date (YTD) and tracks their performances over time. 

Here’s your Stocktwits Top 25 Lists for Week 44:

ST Top 25 S&P 500

23 of the 25 stocks in the ST Top 25 S&P 500 were red for the week. 🚨 

DexCom, Inc. was the list’s biggest loser, down a staggering 22.26%. The medical company fell from #5 to #24 on earnings and news of its VP retiring. It’s a Sinner alongside Etsy. 

Bio-Rad Laboratories jumped 9 spots from #22 to #13 and was one of two gainers for the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List. 

$ETSY surrendered the #1 spot on the ST Top 25 List to Carrier Global Corp. after it dropped 11.70% on earnings. Read more below. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Danaher Corp, and Quanta Services were this week’s Freshmen.

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter fell 5.79% while the S&P 500 slumped 5.64%. The differential of 0.15% indicates that the top stocks in the S&P 500 performed in sync with the full index.

The Big Cap Nasdaq 100

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 List had 22 names close lower in Week 44. Last week 19 names closed lower. 

The top 6 stayed put once again.

$NTES was the biggest gainer in the ST Top 25 N100 List and it was up just 1.07%… 

#22 CoStar Group was one of few that closed higher thanks to a solid earnings report. It’s also a Winner below, check it out. 

Seagen Inc. fell 15% making it the N100’s biggest loser. It dropped 6 spots from #11 to #17. 

No Freshmen appeared on the list.

The ST Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter fell 6.33% for Week #44 while the full Nasdaq 100 dropped 5.47%. The 0.86% differential in favor of the full index suggests the top stocks performed worse by a bit.

Small-Cap Russell 2000

The ST Top 25 Russell 2000 was overwhelmingly red this week, again. 22 names traded lower.

$OSTK closed down 22% and fell a spot from #7 to #8. It’s a Sinner below. 📉

Tupperware Brands reported earnings this week and gained 41%. It’s the Top Dawg 🐶 below. Without $TUP’s weekly return, the ST Top 25 R2K would’ve been down 8.75% instead of 7.10%. It’s ranked #20.

#1 Novavax fell 13% but still holds a 321% lead over Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

The ST Top 25 R2K Momentum Meter fell 7.10% while the Russell 2000 index closed down 6.22%. The 0.88% differential suggests that the top stocks were a tad bit weaker than the full index.


The ST Top 25 Top Dawg for Week 44, 2020 is #20 R2K  – Tupperware Brands Corp.

Tupperware shares opened 27% higher Wednesday morning after the company reported earnings before the open. 

$TUP jumped another 11% on Thursday to close off a strong week in a fragile market.

Here’s the daily chart:

Here are the numbers from Wednesday’s report:

EPS: $1.20 vs $0.34 est.
Revenue: $477.2M vs $364.5M est.

Miguel Fernandez, President and CEO of Tupperware Brands said this:

 The 21 percent growth in local currency revenue reported today reflects a rapid adoption of digital tools by our sales force to combat the social restrictions surrounding COVID-19, and the increased consumer demand for our innovative and environmentally friendly products, as more consumers cook at home and are concerned with food safety and storage. The improved performance of both top and bottom line these past two quarters are a positive sign that our Turnaround Plan is working. 

The Winners 📈

△  #17 S&P 500 – Quanta Services was one of three Freshmen on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List this week. $PWR gained 0.26% and now ranks #17.

Quanta remained strong this week thanks to a solid earnings report on Thursday. Earnings grew 23% YoY with the help of its Electric Power Infrastructure segment. 

Here are the numbers:

EPS: $1.30 vs $1.01 est.
Revenue: $3.02B vs $3.08B est.

Duke Austin, President and CEO of Quanta Services had this to say:

We believe Quanta has executed well this year despite challenges from the global pandemic due to the resiliency of our business, the strengths of our strategies and the operational excellence of our people. We continue to believe there is opportunity to drive multi-year revenue and earnings growth by focusing on our base business, supporting the long-term programmatic spend of utilities and participating in the development of infrastructure that supports renewables and technology deployments such as 5G and electric vehicles. We believe these dynamics, along with the contribution of earnings from our investment in LUMA Energy in Puerto Rico and our continued opportunistic deployment of capital, support our expectations for profitable growth in 2021 and beyond.

△  #22 N100 – CoStar Group, Inc. managed a 0.46% weekly gain to remain ranked #22 on the ST Top 25 N100 List. The commercial property company reported a 21% revenue increase YoY and another new record traffic level with 69M monthly unique visitors. $CSGP is up 38% YTD.

Here are the results:

EPS: $2.26 per share -13.4% YoY
Revenue: $425.6M 20.6% YoY

Here’s the daily chart, just 7% away from all time highs.

The Sinners 📉

▼ #19 R2K – DexCom, Inc dropped 22.25% and slipped 19 spots on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List. $DXCM had its worst week of the year. 

On Monday Dexcom announced the retirement of Rick Doubleday and a pre-announcement of Q3 revenue.

Here’s what $DXCM CEO Kevin Sayer said

Rick Doubleday has proven himself to be an extraordinary leader throughout his time at Dexcom, which includes yet another record result in the third quarter of 2020. During his tenure, Rick has not only achieved outstanding results for our company, but has built and established a world-class organization. I am thrilled for Rick to spend more time with his family while continuing to assist Dexcom as we further implement our growth initiatives.

Here are the earnings numbers:

EPS: $0.94 vs $0.64 est.
Revenue: $500.9M vs $474.1M est.

Here’s the daily chart showcasing the late week sell-off:

 #7 R2K –, Inc. shares got ripped late last week even after a stellar 3rd quarter earnings report. Revenue grew 110% YoY. It now ranks #7 on the ST Top 25 R2K List.

Here are the earnings numbers

EPS: $0.50 vs ($0.23) est.
Revenue: $731.7M vs $607.4M est. 

Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson said:

After a record-setting second quarter, we maintained our momentum, continued to outperform expectations, and grew faster than competitors in the third quarter. Our quarterly gross sales in our Retail business doubled year over year once again and new customers grew 141%. These new customers are making repeat purchases at an increasing rate. Heading into the fourth quarter, I am as confident as ever in our Retail business maintaining sustainable, profitable market share growth. 

$OSTK is still up 696% YTD.

 #2 S&P 500 – Etsy, Inc. struggled. It lost the #1 spot on the ST Top 25 S&P 500 List and tumbled 12%. What can you do…  

The e-commerce company reported Q3 results after Wednesday’s close and beat expectations. Revenue was up 128% YoY.

Here are the results

EPS: $0.70 vs $0.57 est.
Revenue: $451.5M vs $412.7M est.

Josh Silverman, Etsy CEO said this:

We delivered very strong results during the third quarter, with consolidated GMS and revenue growth up 119% and 128% respectively, evidence of our focused execution, engagement with our buyers and sellers, and our strong brand, underpinned by the unique inventory in our marketplace… We’ve been able to sustain growth by driving retention and frequency of our existing buyers as well as becoming an important shopping destination for new buyers.

The stock fell 5% Thursday and another 8% on Friday, uff da.

Here’s the daily chart:

 #17 N100 – Seagen Inc’s went from alright to atrocious real quick. The biotech was hanging in there until it plummeted 13% Friday after you guessed it, earnings. It fell 6 spots from #11 to #17 on the ST Top 25 N100 List.

Here are the numbers

EPS: $3.50 vs ($0.08) est.
Revenue: $1.1B vs $305.5M est.

And the intraday chart:

Happy Halloween. 🎃