Nothin’ But $NET

Tale of the Tape

Good evening, y’all. What a way to start the week.

Stocks ripped like it was the last day on Earth. The tech-heavy Nasdaq led the major indices.

Technology was the best performing sector. Materials lagged.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google showed out:

$FB +4.27%
$AAPL +6.37%
$AMZN +4.75%
$GOOGL +3.56%

Today, the “Big 4” gained ~$270M in market cap. Light work. 👏

Twilio acquired Segment. $TWLO popped 7%.

Cloudflare announced Cloudflare One. It was nothing but $NET. More on this below.

JP Morgan will kick off earnings season tomorrow. Buckle up, folks.

Here are the closing prints:

S&P 5003,534+1.64%
Russell 20001,649+0.70%
Dow Jones28,837+0.88%

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CloudFlare One ☁️

Cloudflare announced its new cloud-based security platform for businesses, Cloudflare One. 

The network-as-a-service platform allows virtual teams to securely meet anywhere and on any device. 

Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince commented on the new release: 

After decades of building legacy corporate networks, organizations are left with clunky systems designed to protect their now empty offices…With Cloudflare One, we’re giving organizations of any size the power to solve their security and networking needs seamlessly, no matter how their business needs shift. 

$NET soared 23% on the news. Here’s the daily chart:

Twilio Acquires Segment

The customer engagement platform Twilio will acquire Segment for $3.2B worth of $TWLO Class A common stock. 

Segment is a leading customer data platform used by companies like IBM, Google, Fox, and Trivago.

Twilio’s CEO, Jeff Lawson, said this about the deal: 

Data silos destroy great customer experiences. Segment lets developers and companies break down those silos and build a complete picture of their customer. Combined with Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, we can create more personalized, timely and impactful engagement across customer service, marketing, analytics, product and sales. 

The Segment acquisition increases Twilio’s target consumer base by $79B. Damn. 

$TWLO jumped 7%. Here’s the official press release.

EV’s Surge 🔋

Transport & Environment released an update on Sustainable Travel in Europe.

In the first half of 2020, sales of electric cars (battery electric, BEV and plug-in hybrid electric, PHEV) reached 8% ​market share.

EVs market share across the pond is expected to triple by the end 2020. Well done.👏

Maybe this is the future? Time will tell.

So far, PSA, Volvo, Tesla, and BMW lead the pack on meeting CO2 targets. Is Land Rover even trying???

Apple’s Event

Apple’s fall event is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 1PM ET. 

Here’s a link to Apple’s website

The company hasn’t announced what will be presented but the rumor mill is swirling.

The Verge expects 4 new iPhones, a smaller HomePod, and over-ear AirPods.  

What else would you like to see? Send us a reply.

Earnings This Week

Be sure to know when your stocks report earnings. Here’s the earnings calendar.

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