Nvidia Market Cap Passes Intel 🤯

Tale of the Tape

Good evening everybody. Stocks got back on the horse today and closed higher. The S&P 500 rallied 0.78%. It was a mirror of yesterday as the last hour was especially strong.

Big cap tech led the way as they have since the March bottom. The Nasdaq 100 was the leading index, closing up 1.44%. This is classic momo and it is marvelous.

Microsoft rallied 2%.  Apple rallied 2.3%. Amazon rallied 2.7%. Facebook rallied 1.1%. Netflix up 2%. Google up .73%.


Joining the festivities – Crowdstrike, Datadog, DocuSign, and Peloton all made new ATHs.

Materials bucked the lift, falling 1.5% like you even care…

Here’s your closing prices on the major indices:

S&P 5003,169+0.78%
Russell 20001,427+0.81%
Dow Jones26,067+0.68%

Oh The Twitters

Twitter rallied 7% today, adding evidence to rumors that the stock does something besides drift sideways or drop precipitously.

Here’s the intraday chart.

Apparently, the company is looking to hire someone to help build out subscription services. 

Here’s the thing.

Subscriptions are so hot right now. Look at Walmart up 7% yesterday on the Walmart+ news. Look at the SAAS stocks 🔥

This is content subscriptions, which is different from retail or software but the potential is real. If Twitter can get people to pay for specific streams or real-time while delaying free streams, well, then they’ve got a new revenue stream that expands with scale.

The freemium model would be a big deal. Twitter will need to execute though. Something it struggles with.

The Sun is Hot. 🥵

Solar stocks are cookin. The solar ETF, $TAN is only 0.63% off its (pre-covid) high close from February 20th. However, the ETF is still down 84% from its inception dating back to 2008.

Here’s the daily chart.

And the monthly chart.

Is the sun starting to shine? Place your bets… 

Nvidia vs Intel Market Cap

It’s official, Nvidia is worth more than Intel. Who woulda thought?

Out with the old, in with the new? The chart below is epic.

$BABA New Highs

Alibaba popped another 9% bringing its 5-day performance to 19.50%.

Today, Reuters reported that Alibaba’s fintech division, Ant Group is planning an IPO in Hong Kong. 

Here’s the $BABA daily chart. New highs, oh me oh my.

Smell Ya Later

Brooks Brothers declared bankruptcy today. You might know this brand because your grandfather shopped there. Here’s more about it. Smell ya later…

Next-Gen Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes Benz unveiled its next generation infotainment system set to debut in the 2021 Mercedes S-Class. This thing has 5 freakin screens and a fingerprint scanner. Welcome to the future.

The Reemergence of Fun in Visual Design

Here’s a passionate and smart post by Michael Flarup about recent macOS design changes and how they will spill over into everything. Cool read…

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