Stocktwits Top 25 Week 21

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week #21, 2020. 

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the top 25 performing stocks in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 year to date (YTD) and tracks their performances over time. Here’s your Stocktwits Top 25 Lists for Week #21:

S&P 500

In the S&P 500, Dexcom held the top spot despite dropping 3% on the week. It’s still up 85% YTD, more than doubling since the March bottom. 

$DXCM has a lot of cushion after a blistering start to the year, but don’t sleep on #2 Nvidia. The stock was up 6.3% on the week after reporting earnings and is now up 53.5% YTD. It’s playing catch up and there’s still a lot of year left.

Recent #1 Newmont Mining dropped 7% on the week and fell to #4 from #2. More on that one below.

The Stocktwits Momentum Meter calculates the average weekly performance of the top 25 stocks and reflects how the top stocks are performing week to week relative to the broader index. 

The Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 Momentum Meter closed green but only by this much👌. The Momo Meter’s 0.35% gain couldn’t match the S&P 500’s weekly gain of 3.20%. 

This -2.85% differential suggests the top stocks in the index underperformed the full index. 15 of the Top 25 closed lower on the week so breadth wasn’t so hot either.

Still, all of the S&P 500 Top 25 stocks are up at least 20% YTD.

Nasdaq 100

In the $NDX, Zoom held onto the top spot, despite falling 2% on the week. This beast has still gained over 150% YTD and the give back here is barely a blip on a weekly chart.

#2 Tesla gained 2.2% and scored its highest weekly close since mid-February. 

Stocktwits Top 25 newcomer Splunk had a gargantuan week and joined the list at #16. More on that one below.

The Stocktwits Top 25 Nasdaq 100 Momentum Meter returned 2.07% on the week, while the full Nasdaq 100 gained 3.44%. The -1.37% differential suggests that the top stocks in the index underperformed the full index. 

Breadth was better than the S&P list with only 11 of the top 25 closing lower but 6 of the top 10 dropped. 

Are the top stocks across indices beginning to buckle? This will be something to keep an eye on next week and we will dutifully follow up on it.

Russell 2000

The Russell 2000 List is already proving to be a lot of fun. After adding it to the newsletter last week, we’re finding a bunch of companies that are unfamiliar yet moving like crazy. You gotta love it!

#1 Novavax had a subdued week, rising only 5.7%. lol! It is a God among stocks and now up 1058% YTD.  

#2 Waitr Holdings got clocked by 16% but held the #2 spot still up over 600% YTD.

And keep an eye on #12 Translate Bio this big dawg rose 27% on the week. More on this one below.

The Stocktwits Top 25 Russell 2000 Momentum Meter also lagged the broader index. The list closed up 3.59% while the Russell 2000 gained 7.84%. A differential of -4.25%. 

The top-performing small caps eased off the gas after crushing the full index by 25.37% last week. All small caps on the ST Top 25 R2K list are still up at least 100% YTD. Wild… 


Chipotle Mexican Grill is the Stocktwits Top 25 Top Dawg of Week #21, 2020. Cue the Mariachi! 

$CMG makes its debut on the Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 List at #18 after ripping another 8.6% on the week. It closed the week at an all-time high and above 1000 for the first time ever. It is now up 26% YTD. 🔥🌯🔥

The YTD chart is a doozy and $CMG is an early contender for Comeback Player of the Year.

This stock closed at $465 on March 18th after tanking into the COVID-19 panic. In the past 2 months, it has come all the way back and then broke out like a champ. Check that YTD chart below. What a beauty…

The Winners 

#2 S&P 500 – NVIDIA Corporation gained 6.31% and popped up 2 spots to claim #2 on the Stocktwits Top 25 S&P 500 List.

$NVDA reported killer earnings Thursday after the close and settled at an all-time high on Friday. 

It’s up 53.53% YTD. Not too shabby.

#16 N100 – Splunk Inc finished the week up 17.97% and made its first appearance on the ST Top 25 N100 list. $SPLK gapped up 5% Friday morning and continued all day to close up 12.73%. All-time highs, baby!

Splunk missed earnings after Thursday’s close but investors got excited when CEO Doug Merritt said the following, 

We want to be an 80%, 90%, 100% cloud company.

Catch his full interview here.

$SPLK is up 23.03 YTD. Clean breakout right there…

#22 N100 – Lululemon Athletica Inc rose 12% this week and edged into the ST Top 25 N100 at #22. It is up 19.45% YTD.

$LULU closed at an all time high on Friday. We’re seeing a trend here with incoming Freshmen hitting all time highs. Maybe a little sector rotation?? 👀

Lululemon is unofficially the official WFH attire. 😉

#7 R2K – Tocagen Inc jumped 27.12% this week bringing its YTD performance to 181.32% 🚀 

$TOCA moved up 13 spots to #7 on the ST Top 25 R2K list.

#12 R2K – Translate Bio Inc ripped 27.04% this week to join the ST Top 25 R2K list at #12. 

The stock closed at an all time high on Friday after taking out previous highs dating back to 2018.

Here’s the weekly chart since its 2018 IPO. Man…

The Sinners 

#2 R2k – Waitr Holdings Inc lost 16.43% this week but kept its #2 spot on the ST Top 25 R2K List. 

In spite of its poor weekly performance, $WTRH is still up 626.71% YTD and leading its nearest competitor by 300.04%. lol.

#4 S&P 500 – Newmont Corporation fell 7.14% this week and dropped from #2 to #4. $NEM was the worst performer to remain in the ST Top 25 SP500 List. 

#14 N100 – Citrix Systems, Inc. tumbled 6.60% this week and dropped from #11 to #14 on the ST Top 25 N100 List. 

$CTXS made all time highs two weeks ago but has faded since. The stock is 11% off highs, still up 23.96% YTD.

#13 N100 – Clorox Co fell 5.36% this week, its disinfection products were not enough to keep it immune from a pullback. 

$CLX had its biggest down week since last July but it’s still up 31% YTD. 

The Stocktwits Top 25 has been a big hit so far and we want to thank our readers who help make it great. Thanks, especially, for the suggestions. We have more updates in store, this thing will be next level. 

If you have any feedback, please hit us at

*NA’s signify that the stock was just added to the index and so it was not ranked at all in prior weeks.