Joe Rogan, Podcast Billionaire

Tale of the Tape

Good evening everybody and welcome.

Stocks were super chill for the majority of the session, meandering to and fro like a breezy Spring day. 

Until about 3PM ET when they fell 1% in a blink on lowered GDP estimates or some other murmur we might’ve overlooked here at virtual Stocktwits HQ.

We’re sure whatever news affected price will be rendered meaningless in short order. The universe could explode and stocks would probably rally on word that the bad news was baked in.

Still, the S&P 500 fell 1.05% and the Dow was worse dropping 1.59%

Chipotle closed at an all-time high and it’s free guacamole for everyone! See more below.

Financials and Energy were back in the cellar, both falling more than 2.5% and all feels right with the world. Consumer Discretionary was the only green sector rising .08%.

Walmart and Home Depot reported earnings and both sported relevant pin action. See below for details. 

Here are your closing prices on the major indices:

S&P 5002,922-1.05%
Russell 20001,307-1.95%
Dow Jones24,206-1.59%

Podcast Billionaire 

Spotify made the consummate Podcast Power Play today by signing Joe Rogan to an exclusive deal that will also include video. You can watch Rogan announcing the deal here and read all about it here.

This is big and has the feel of when Stern got signed by SiriusXM back in the day.

The move will have ripple effects across the media landscape as Spotify blurs lines between Platform and media co unabashedly.

You have to give $SPOT credit here – not only does the company not care, crossing the platform/media barrier, but it gives zero forks going after titans Apple and YouTube either. Baller.

We wish Rogan luck too. He gets his share of hate but you gotta love this guy. He’s cool, speaks his mind, gets great guests, and conducts one heck of an interview.

$SPOT stock traded up 8.4% on the news. Power move and Wall Street agreed.

No word on the financial details but we’re sure homie is getting paid.

Facebook Shops WTAF? 

Today, Facebook introduced Facebook Shops which feels awfully familiar to Shopify. We know Zuckerberg is ruthless and steals whatever he sees fit. Remember Instagram Stories aka Snapchat? Or the fact that he “stole” the idea of Facebook from these two dorks… if you believe that.

Of course Zuck wants some of that small business e-commerce action… Just look at Shopify’s share price. $SHOP is up 613% since January 1, 2018. Sheesh 🔥

$SHOP sold off on the news but then rallied as news crossed that the company would be involved in the $FB offering. You gotta believe, though, that Zuck will ultimately find a way to screw those guys over.

Here’s the official press release.

Thousand Dollar Burritos  🌯🌯🌯

Chipotle closed over $1,000 today. $CMG felt the selling pressure mid March and traded as low as $415 on March 18. Since then, the stock is up 140%. Folks are slinging burritos left and right. All. Time. Highs.

Dream Quarantine

Check out these isolated cabins from Outside Magazine. This is the dream quarantine. For real.

Luckin Coffee Gets the Boot

It’s official, Luckin Coffee will be delisted from the Nasdaq.

$LK was halted April 7th and hasn’t traded since. Oof 

Earnings Wrap-Up

Home Depot reported earnings this morning and the numbers were fine but have little bearing within this COVID environment. The stock fell 2.95% but that’s coming off the all-time high close yesterday so no biggie for investors who’ve been holding longer than a minute. 

You can find the report and conference call recording here if you really care.

Walmart reported this AM too. It rallied in the morning but gave it up steadily all afternoon to close down 2%.

$WMT shuttered today, which is a good move. They’ll continue to deploy the technology but consolidate branding, making it less confusing for shoppers across channels.

Here’s the earnings release, presentation and conference call recording.

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