Stocktwits Top 25 Week 19

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Stocktwits Top 25 Newsletter for Week #19, 2020.

The Stocktwits Top 25 reports the top 25 performing stocks in the S&P 500 year to date (YTD) and tracks their performances over time.

This week was awesome and captures perfectly why we created it. There was a ton of movement within the list and a bunch of new leaders emerged.

The battle for the top spot is ridiculous with a lead swap last week and another one this week after #1 and #2 changed hands again. 

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals regained the #1 rank while Newmont Mining slipped back to #2. Both stocks did great with $NEM gaining 5.71%, but $REGN was better, gaining 7.21%.

$REGN is up a whopping 50.05% YTD while $NEM is up 48.87% YTD.

Giddy up!

Below is The Stocktwits Top 25 List for Week #19 and below that the movers and shakers. Enjoy…

The ST Momentum Meter


The Stocktwits Momentum Meter calculates the average weekly performance of the top 25 stocks in the S&P 500 YTD. It reflects how the top stocks are performing week to week.

The Stocktwits Top 25 had a big week, gaining 7.72%, while the S&P 500 gained 3.50%. The 4.22% differential here suggests that the strongest stocks are outperforming by a lot. 

This is the best relative performance for the ST Top 25 since the week of April 13. The best stocks are rocking.

Here’s a new chart we are adding to the ST Top 25 Newsletter this week with some cool data for your perusal. It shows the weekly performance of the S&P 500 and the ST Top 25 Momentum Meter. 

It should be a lot of fun to watch how the two interact over the course of the year and what that might portend. We hope you enjoy!


The Stocktwits 25 Top Dawg for Week 19 of 2020 is Paypal.

$PYPL gained 20.93% for the week and moved up 15 spots from 21 to 6. Epic one week performance for any public company but ridiculous for one with a $170B market cap.  🚀

It is now up 34% YTD.

$PYPL reported Wednesday after the close and traded up 14% Thursday on huge volume. Here’s some of the earnings highlights:

  • Free cash flow grew by 60% YOY.
  • 10 million new organic accounts – largest quarterly growth in company history.
  • May 1 was its largest day of transactions ever. Bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2019.

$PYPL was a strong business that is turning out to be a low key COVID play. The company mentioned that it grew net new active users by 7.4m in April. Q2 could double Q1 growth if it maintains this trajectory. Incredible.

The Freshman Class

△ #13 Fortinet Inc ripped 31.15% this week to join the ST Top 25 List at #13. On Wednesday, $FTNT beat earnings on the bottom and the top lines.

The stock was slightly lower YTD coming into the week, but the huge earnings reaction changed all of that fast.

Turns out cybersecurity is a thing… 

Here’s the monster daily YTD chart highlighting Thursday’s sublime candle.

△ #15 Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. returns to the list after a one week hiatus (Can we call it a Redshirt?). It shot right back up to #15 and gained 15.32% for the week. $JKHY is now up 25.83% YTD.

The company reported 25% growth in bottom line earnings, healthy for this long term outperformer. (Redshirt)

△ #16 T-Mobile US Inc joined the ST Top 25 thanks to a great earnings reaction on Thursday along with some Friday follow through. It gained 14.29% on the week to reach #16. It’s now up 25.63% YTD.

△ #18 Activision Blizzard Inc grinded higher like Joey Knish closing up 13.01% for the week. This was good enough to snag #18 on the ST Top 25. 

$ATVI jumped 6% and change on Wednesday following its earnings report. It’s up 23.90% YTD.

△ #23 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. makes its return at #23 on the ST Top 25. Two weeks ago it debuted in the #19 spot but it didn’t last long after it was bumped off the following week. The stock was up 8.73% this week and it’s now up 18.89% YTD.  

$CDNS isn’t a high octane gapper like some of the other names on the list, but more of a Steady Eddie plugging along and outperforming. (Redshirt)

△ #25 Microsoft Corporation rounds out the Freshman Class, closing up 5.79% for the week, and sneaking in onto The ST Top 25 at #25. 

This is a titan as everyone knows, so seeing it outperform along with other titan #11 $AMZN – supports strength of leadership.

$MSFT is up 17.43% YTD.

Other Notables

△ #8 ServiceNow rose 11.12% as the stock ripped after its earnings release on April 30. $NOW is up 33.5% YTD.

△ #9 NVIDIA jumped 10.51% bringing its YTD performance to just under 33%. $NVDA closed 0.60% from an all time high👌

The company is set to report earnings on May 21st. 

▼ #22 Gilead Sciences fell 3.08% this week taking it down from #8 to #22. It was the worst performer in the ST Top 25. Lots of news and uncertainty surrounding the potential of $GILD’s COVID-19 drug Remdesivir so we should expect more volatility.


▼ Eli Lilly finished the week down 0.08% which was enough to knock it out from #15. Only the strong survive.

▼ Equinix Inc gained 1.09%, still it dropped out from #19.

▼ Incyte fell 1.42%, falling off the list from #20.

▼ General Mills gained 0.30% but that’s weak sauce for these stocks on such a big week. $GIS fell off the ST Top 25 from #22.

▼ Akamai Technologies jumped 5.52% in an honorable attempt to maintain its status on the ST Top 25. It failed. $AKAM is out from #23.

▼ J.M. Smucker rose 0.49%. No chance it was going to stick around #24 with a week like that.

▼ Dollar General came in last week at #25. $DG jumped 1.94%. Maybe we’ll see the general return to the ST Top 25, place your bets… 

Keep An Eye Out 

*This week, we noticed we were missing a few S&P 500 names from the Stocktwits Top  25 list. Norton/Lifelock was one of those. This newsletter is a new endeavor and it will improve every week. We apologize for the flub.