*ucking Furlough

Tale of the Tape: 

Good evening folks. It’s Friday evening, markets are closed for the week, and, quite frankly, we’re exhausted from this endless corona noise festival. 

If anyone wants to Zoom and drink, let’s just blow off the Zoom but let’s keep the drinking part. Howie’s buying!

Stocks closed lower today. The S&P 500 fell 1.5%, which isn’t that bad relative to recent performance. 

Consumer Staples was the only green sector up .5% while Utilities, Materials, Financials, and Communications all closed down more than 2%.

Small caps and financials lagged yet again.

The Equal Weight Commodity Index is at a major level with memory going back to the 1970s. Here’s Chris Kimble’s chart and he’s like this is major make or break time. 

Here’s how the major indices performed today:

S&P 5002,488-1.51%
Russell 20001,052-3.11%
Dow Jones21,052-1.69%

Country ETFs

Here’s how the Country ETFs performed this week. It was another bloody one, but what’s going on with the Saudis and Russians? First the oil feud, and now this…? Maybe we’re overthinking it.

Finding Strength in Weak Markets with Zortrades

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Deep Risk and Black Swans with William Bernstein

Great conversation between investor/author William Bernstein and Ben Carlson. The two review the current state of the markets and financial market history. Check it out, you’ve got plenty of time.

What is a Furlough?

We’re hearing a lot about furloughs. Macy’s just furloughed 125,000 employees. Disney, Gap, Caesars, Kohl’s, and Marriott have also announced them. But what is a furlough?

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Heads Up!

Here’s a reminder from Leon County, keep 1 alligator between everyone else.


Here’s Wilt Chamberlain getting photographed mid-block. 

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