Nasdaq 10K

Tale of the Tape Good evening everybody and welcome back to the greatest casino in the known universe. Speculation is running rampant and it is freaking glorious. Let upside volatility rain down like a meteor shower of silver dollars and may you bathe in the frenzy. Sure, this will end badly on a pin prick … Continue reading Nasdaq 10K

I’m On A Boat.

Tale of the Tape Good evening everyone. It’s Friday and, truth be told, we’ve initiated a small long position in tequila shots, so please take anything you read here this evening with a grain of salt and a squeeze of lime. 😉🥃🧂 Vamanos... The Jobs Report set the constructive mood this AM. We’re not bleeding … Continue reading I’m On A Boat.

Resurrection Hardware

Tale of the Tape Good evening everyone.  The market edged higher today as chaotic earth continues its relentless barbaric wobble.  The market was choppy all day then a wave of aggressive buying hit the tape in the last 15-minutes. Here’s the intraday chart of the Dow Jones. You can see the Dow jumped 120 points … Continue reading Resurrection Hardware

We Made It.

Tale of the Tape Good evening everyone and welcome back to le grand casino.  Stocks closed higher and why shouldn't they? Our cities may be tearing apart at the seams but we’re dropping duffel bags filled with cash from the sky so who cares… The S&P 500 rose .38% led by Real Estate, Energy, and … Continue reading We Made It.